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Study online: Main key feature of this website is that it have many pages, content that need very attention. Make sure that here is a search button on right corner of each page. You should search there what you want.

People frustrate about helping material, notes, past papers related to university of sargodha, also of affiliated colleges with uos. Shiningstudy is offering these all.

We are offering free books, eBooks, helping material for your study guideline; Specially we have focused on Past Papers. Really it would be more much help full for you students of university of sargodha.

  1. Focused features of ( Study online) are given as listing;

Study online: Free books to download

This Section will provide you extra ordinary books free of cost. And let me say that you will not fall hard to search your desired book. I divided this part into two Sub_sections:

1)  Free books for Bachelor Science

This part contains the books related to bachelor classes: B.Sc / BSCS / BSSE / BSIT / CSS / CA etc.

Direct links are the most important part of my this website; means there is no such a piece of hardness and difficulty of Fake ones.

2) Free books for Master of Science

Past papers for all classes

Past Papers are the basic feature of this site. you this is the major part of Study online. Anyhow you will find near about all the past papers; specially of IT field.

Study Material (Study Online)

Study worms should be happy for their desires, because they are going to find the needs  including slides, images, graphs etc. by study online.


Blogs help to guide us to a right way in short and concise way. Obviously, I tried my best to guidance of my readers.

So that they could gain right way. Some of my topics are here;

Furthermore,under the Study online series you will find much more helping ways that you want.

Consequently, We care your suggestions and pretty advises which shall be kind from you people.

And we will provide you people the things you want. Contact us and comment now ! 🙂


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Recently Added: Mixed Papers UOS Affiliated Colleges New Compiler Construction BSCS 7th 2017 E Commerce Application Development BSIT 7th 2017 E Commerce Application Development MScIT 3rd 2015 E Commerce Application Development MScIT ...
Discrete Structures Overview
Discrete Structures Overview Discrete Structures Overview: Discrete Structures is to read the Mathematical Structures which are not continuous but necessarily discrete. Discrete Structures Overview includes the following topics:
c Programming fundamentals
C programming Fundamentals are focused in this post. C Advanced by Ritchie from two preceding programming languages: BCPL and B. Used to develop UNIX ,to write modern operating systems and it is Hardware independent (portable). By late 1970's C had ...
Computer Organization and Architecture PDF: Computer Organization and Architecture is a set of rules and methods that defines the organization, functionality, and execution of computers. You can also say that to state the abilities and programming prototypical of a computer ...
Software Engineering Course
Software Engineering Course: SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT LIFESTYLES CYCLE (SDLC) is the general technique of developing records structures thru a multi-step manner from investigation of preliminary necessities via evaluation, design, implementation and maintenance. DOWNLOAD short question plus answers of SE ...
Online Earning 24 ways image
Earn Money Online: There are different ways to earn money from the internet. In this detailed article, I am going to tell you various legit ways to earn money through Internet. As the Internet is spreading ...
cloud storage services
Due to slim and small size of Mobile devices cloud storage has gain necessary part of life, even a general person has its need. Smartphones, iPhone, tablets and other mobile devices does not have efficient ...


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