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Welcome! Our Main focus is to provide study material to Students as well as Teachers / Professors so they can achieve good results with less effort. Make sure that here is a search button at right corner of each page.

People frustrate about helping material, notes, past papers related to university and Board for best study, also of affiliated colleges with UOS. ShiningStudy is offering these all.

How to find past papers of your study degree? The method is very simple, just click to Download past papers of affiliated colleges with UOS (University of Sargodha) and find your study. Don’t forget to share us with your friends, colleagues and Teachers. There are precise categories of all subjects e.g. OOP, all years papers could be found at this page.

As a Result, We are offering free books, helping material for your study guideline; Specially we have focused on UOS Past Papers, and it would be more much help full for you students of university of Sargodha.


Past papers of Universities, Affiliate Colleges and Boards have been uploaded. Its really help full for you.
Contact us and share the papers you have (and not available on over site) or send us a short Email: msaif3850@gmail.com You can also donate past papers.
Universities : 


  • University Of Sargodha
  • University Of Gujrat
  • Punjab University



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