Affiliate Collage UOS


Technical and report Writing M.Sc.IT 1st 2015

Technical and report Writing M.Sc.IT

Eng1 uos paper

Compiler Construction BSCS7th 2018

Ecommerce App Dev BSCS7th 2018

Mobile Application Development BSSE 7th 2018

Software Project Management BSCS7th 2018

mobile application development bscs7th 2018

Oject Oriented Analysis and Design (CMP390) BSCS-5th 2015

Oject Oriented Analysis and Design (SE-3311) mscit 3rd 2015

IAP question bank by Osama Naseer

Financial Accounting MScIT 1st 2014 New

Financial Accounting MScIT 1st 2015 New

Financial Accounting BSCS 6th 2017 New

Financial Accounting MScIT 1st 2018 New

Basic Math MScIT 1st 2018 New

DLD (Digital Logic and Design) MScIT 1st 2018 New

ICT MScIT 1st 2018 | Introduction to Computing 2018

Programming Fundamentals CMP-2122 MScIT 1st 2018

Technical Report Writing MScIT 1st 2018 | UOS Past Paper

Technical Report Writing BSCS 3rd 2016

Technical Report Writting past papar solution

Technical Report Writing MScIT 1st 2014

Technical Report Writing MScIT 1st 2015

Technical Report Writing BSCS-IT-SE 3rd 2016

Technical Report Writing BSCS BSIT BSSE 3rd 2017

Technical Report Writing MScIT 1st 2017

Tecnical Report and Writing most important questions

Technical Report Writing MScIT 1st 2016

Technical Report Writing MScIT 1st 2018

Enterprise Application Development CS-4745 BSCS 8th 2018

Cloud Computing CS-4544 BSCS 8th 2018

Compiler Construction CS-4141 BSCS 7th 2019

Professional Practices SS-4910 BSCS 8th 2018

Mobile Application Development CS-4547 BSCS 7th 2019

System and Network Administration IT-4511 MScIT 4th 2018

Computer Communication and Network CCN CMP-2540 BSCS 3rd 2016

Website Design and Usability SE-493 BSIT 2013

Web Services (SE-493) BSIT 7th term-2017

Software Development Technologies (IT-664) MscIT-3rd-2014

Pre calculus (IT-106) MScIT-1st-2013

web system and technologies (IT-372)-bsit-2014

web-system and technologies (IT-3548)-MScIT 3rd-2015

web-system and technologies mscit-2015

Project management (IT-392)-BSIT-6th-2015



Programming Fundamental C++ (CMP-140)-BSiT-1st-2013

Programming Fundamental (CMP-2122)-bscs-1st-2015

Programming-Fundamental -BSiT-1st-2016

Programming Fundamental CMP-2122 -MsciT-1st 2016

professional paractices -BSCS-8th 2017

Principles of management-MNG-2212-BSIT-2nd-2014

Principal of management-MNG-2212-BSIT-2nd-2015

pakistan Studies-SS-2312_BSCS-4th-2015

pakistan Studies SS-2312-BSit-4th-2015

date and network security-BSIT–7th-2017

network design and management IT-3541-BSIT-7th-2017

multimedia system theory-n-principals-CS-5743_MSCS-3rd-2015

Probability & statistics (MATH-2110)-BScs-2nd-2014

Probability and statistics-(MATH-2210)BScS-2nd-2016

Probability n statistics -MATH-2110_BSIt_cs-2nd 2016

Probability n statistics BSIt-2nd-2014

Probability and stat (MATH-2110) BSIt-2nd-2016

Operating Systems BScs-CMP-320-4th-2014

Operating-Systems-BSCS-4th-2016 CMP-3621

Operating-Systems CMP-320-BSIT-4th-2014

Operating-Systems BSIT-5th-2016

Operating Systems CMP-3611-MscIT-2nd-2014

Operating Systems MScIT-CMP-3611-2nd-2016


object oriented programming OOP-CMP-2124-BSCS-2nd-2015

object oriented programming BSCS-2ndTerm-2016


OOP BSIT-CMP-2123-2nd-2015

object oriented programming MscIt-2nd- oop 2015


OOAD-SE-3311 -BScs-5th-2016

OOAD BSIT-5th- SE_3311-2016

object oriented analysis and design- SE_3311-MSCIT-3rd-2015

CCN CMP_2540-BSCS-3rd-2015

CCN BSCS-5th-CMP_330-2015


CCN CMP_2540-BSIT-3rd-2016

CCN BSIT CMP_320-4th-2014

CCN IT_530-Mit-1st-2013

Computer Communication and Networks -MscIT-3rd-2015

introduction to psychology PSY_101-BSIT-2nd-2013

Introduction to sociology-BSCS-5th-2015

information Security-IS_476-BSIT-6th-2015

Information System-IT_2410-BSIT-3rd-2015

Introduction to computing ICT BSCS-1st-2013

cloud computing CS_4544 bscs-8th-2017

cloud computing IT_4541 BSIT-8th-2017

communication system design SE_310-BSIT-5th-Term-2015

Communication technologies CS_460-BSIT-6th-2016

Compiler Construction CS_443-BSCS-6th-2015

Compiler Construction IT_696-MscIT-4th-2015

Numerical Computing MTH_310-BSCS-6th-2015

Advance Analysis of algotithm CS_5143-MSCS-1stTerm_2015

Analysis of algorithm FinalTerm

Analysis of algorithm Msc(IT)-4thTerm_2015

Analysis of algotithm-MscIT-4thTerm_2015

Advance computer architecture-MSCS-1stTerm_2014

Advance computer architecture-MSCS-1stTerm_2015

Advance Database-(BSCS)-7thTerm_2016

advance Operating system-MSCS-1stTerm-2013-15

advance Operating system-MSCS-1stTerm-2014

multimedia Application EC_481-BSIT-5th-2015

introduction to database management BSIT-3rd-2015

DLD CMP_2210-BSCS-2nd-2015


DLD CMP_2210-BSIT-2nd-2015

DLD MIT 1st term CMp_2210 2015

Differential Equation MATH_2215 BSCS-3rd-2016

Differential Equation BSCS-MATH_211-4th-2014

Basic-Math- MATH_2215-MScIT-1st-2015

ICT ICT_2011-MScIT-1st-2015

Programming CMP_2122-MScIT-1st-2015

Report-Writing ENG_2413-MScIT-1st-2015

Multivariable calculas MTH_102 BSCS-2nd-2013

multivariable calculas MATH_2214 BSCS-2nd 2014

multivariable calculas MATH_2214-BSCS-2nd-2016

Linear Algebra MATH_3215-BSCS-4th-2015

Linear Algebra SSC_270-BSIT-3rd-2014

Linear Algebra MATH_3215-BSIT-3rd-2015

Internet architecture and protocols CS_3513-BSCS-5th-2016

Internet Architecture and Protocols IT_3513-BSIT-4th- IAP 2017

Information Retrieval IS_472-BSIT-6th-2015

Fundamental of IT IT_100-BSIT-1st-2013

Intro to ICT-BSCS-1st ICT_2021-2015

Introduction to ICT BSIT,CS,SE 1st ICT_2021-2017

ICT BSIT 1st ICT_2021-2016

Intro to ICT MScIT-1st- ICT_2011-2014

Intro to ICT MScIT-1st ict-2011-2015

Human computer interaction CS_541-MscIT-2nd-2014

Human computer interaction CS_451-BSCS-6th-2015

Human computer interaction CMP_3711- BSIT-5th-2016

HCI IT_451- BSIT-7th-2016

Enterpenurship MNG_3262-BSIT-4th-2015

Enterpenurship MNG_6232-BSIT-4th-2017

EAD IT_4744-MscIT-3rd-2015

Enterprise App Development IT_4744-MscIT-4th-2016


enterprise resourse planning BSIT-8th-2018

design and analysis of algo CS_3143-BSCS-4th-2015

analysis of algorithms CS_310-BSCS-5th-2015

functional English ENG_2411-BSCS-1st-2015

functional english ENF_2411-BSIT-1st-2015

DataBase Management IT_436-BSIT-7th-2016

Artificial Intelegence CS_3811-BSCS_6th-therm-2016

Basic Electronics PHY_2210-BSIT-1st_2015

Basic Electronics PHY_2210-BSSC_1st 2015

Basic Electronics IT_109-MScIT_zeroTerm_2013

Basic Electronics NSC_101-BSIT-3rd-2014

Data Minning CS_471-BSCS-7th-2017

Data Minning CS_471-BSCS-7th-2016

Basic Math MATH_2215-MSc-1st-term-2014

Basic Math MATH_2215-MSc-1st-term-2015

Basic Math MATH_2215-MSc-1st-term 2016

Computer Architecture CS_4240-BSCS-4th-2015

Computer Architecture CS_420-BSCS-6th-2015

Computer Architecture IT_695-MSc-4th-2016

Computer Game Development IT_4741-BSIT-8th-2017

Computer Organization & Assembly language-BSCS-4th-2014

calculs BSCS-1st-term 2013

calculus analytical geometry-BSCS-1st-term-2014

calculus and analytical geometry-BSIT-1st-term 2015

calculus BSCS-1st-term 2015

calculus and analytical geometry MATH_2213-BSCS-1st-term-2016

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