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Due to slim and small size of Mobile devices cloud storage has gain necessary part of life, even a general person has its need. Smartphones, iPhone, tablets and other mobile devices does not have efficient space. To solve this problem many cloud services are providing free storage space as well as pro versions for large space.

There is no need to carry your laptop as well as your storage devices like External hard, USB, memory card, floppy disk, optical disk etc.

cloud storage

You can access your data from anywhere. Anyone cannot interfere your privacy. Also this all is free of cost (in case of small quantity of data).

  1. Dropbox:                     2GB free space
  2. Google Drive:             15Gb
  3. Box:                               10GB free space
  4. Mega:                            50GB free space
  5. ADrive:                         50Gb free space
  6. Bitcasa:                         20GB free space
  7. OneDrive:                    15GB free space
  8. SpiderOak:                  2GB free space
  9. Tencent Weiyun:      10 TB (10240 GB)
  10. Qihoo 360 Yunpan (Cloud Drive): 36 TB (36864 GB!)

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